Our Service Areas

Los Angeles, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Carson, CA
Encino, CA
Fullerton, CA
Irvine, CA
Manhattan Beach, CA
Newport Beach, CA
Orange, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Pasadena, CA

Pomona, CA
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Riverside, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Clarita, CA
Santa Mónica, CA
Studio City, CA
Temecula, CA
Tustin, CA
Whittier, CA


Atlanta, GA
Cleveland, OH
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
Washington, DC


Our Headquarters is located in Southern California


We provide emergencies to services to Southern California. Non-emergency areas would include New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, Washington, DC and Cleveland, OH.

Alternative On-Site Service Services

Do you have an old typewriter or printer that isn't working right or at all anymore? At Alternative On-Site Service, we have the knowledge and experience to repair or maintain any make or model of typewriter/printer that you may have.

Specialty Services Offered:

  • On-Site Service (We Come To You)        
  • IBM Typewriters Repairs
  • HP Laser Printer Repairs
  • Typewriter Ribbons
  • Toner for Printers
  • Dot Matrix & Ink Printers

We provide free shipping and handling for all of your toner and ribbons that you purchase through us!

If you are looking for more information on the services we offer or would like to receive your free phone estimate, contact us today and speak with one of our helpful representatives, who will gladly assist you.

Emergency Services Available for Southern California